Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two Things

The first thing is that the storm appears to be going south of us for now. It's Saturday night and it looks like Cuba - the Guantanamo side - will be hit with a Cat 4 hurricane - very scary for them. Cuba insists that there were no deaths from Gustav, which hit the west side of the island as a Cat 4, I believe. Now they can do the same on the east side - and claim there were no problems. Those poor Cubans. We'll still watch through Sunday in case Ike takes a turn back toward Florida. My husband is disappointed that we'll not get any days off from work - and he's cranky because we FINALLY bought a generator and we might not need it. I'm just glad to be prepared - better safe than sorry.

The second thing is that I just enjoyed watching for maybe the 10th time one of my favorite movies - "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" I'm not sure why I like the movie so much. I love George Clooney's character. I love innocent Delmar and passionate Pete. The bad guys get it in the end and our heroes survive to live another day. I realize the movie is patterned after "The Odyssey" and it is SO clever. I love the Christian overtones - even though George Clooney's character makes fun of faith. The music is pure old time Appalachian, one of my favorite and most beloved genres. I have the sound track to the movie because I love the music so. I love the 1930's dusty, agricultural South as depicted in the film. It is very unrealistic because the boys survive everything and have no trouble breaking out of jail twice - but that is the whole point. This movie is escapist for me. I go back in time to another era - the clothes, the music - and it is the South, the defeated, dusty, dirt-poor Depression South. Something resonates with my imagination whenever I see this movie - it's safe because I know it ends well - and it takes me to a wonderful place.

Here is the trailer from the movie. The song "Man of Constant Sorrow" is the featured song from the film.

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