Thursday, September 18, 2008

Florida Bloggers Are The Best

I was doing my daily blog reading this morning, and I stopped by one of my favorites, Florida Cracker Crumbs, and found I had been awarded the "I Love Your Blog" prize by that blog's lovely owner. Thank you!! I love your blog, too, especially the Monday Mystery photos.

Now, following the rules of blogdom, I must bequeath this award upon others. Here are my picks:

Some Cranky Guy who makes me laugh so hard sometimes I spit on my monitor.

From A Heavenly Land whose daily devotional writings gleaned from her own life are an inspiration to me.

Here is the award - just right click on it, save the picture to your computer and post it on your blog. To be polite, you should pass it on.


Island Rider said...

You are very kind. I am glad that God blesses you through the words and images He gives me. And a great big thank you for teaching me how to save it to my blog! LOL I am so illiterate when it comes to these kinds of things!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog.

And yes, I can't agree more: it's amazing what a good network of "bloggers" we have here in Florida.

Florida is a great state: after 10 years it really has the feel of "home" ... I'm glad Ponce De Leon discovered it.

I've bookmarked your blog.