Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More Memorabilia

It would be really fabulous if I could type ABOVE the picture as a lead-in, but either my brain isn't working properly this morning to figure out how - or it can't be done. Anyway......
the above is an EASTER greeting card from IRAN from 1944 - something that would seem to be diametrically opposed today. I'm sure there are Christians in Iran, but I imagine they don't send greeting cards - they probably lay very low, so to speak. The above card was during WWII, and evidently we had an occupying force there - something for me to look up. We're all familiar with the two big theaters of war - Germany and Japan - but in between were lots of other places that are more obscure, but were involved in the war.

Next - I bet the $%#$ picture posts above the Easter greeting card.....which will really screw up the order here, but I seem to have no control over this today.....yup - that's just what happened. Well - I'll leave it at that for today.....I love the softness of the birthday card and the antique colors.