Friday, April 7, 2023

Edwardian Frippery


Edwardian Frippery

I just wrap my hair round and round my head until it resembles a short log sticking out from the back.  So easy.  Now that my hair is done, I may apply my hat.  See below:


The ever popular Jello Mold hat.   Plenty of room for the log of hair I have in the back.  In addition, I might want to carry along some crochet or knit project in the top of the hat to work on when idle, as well behaved ladies do.


For the victorious working woman-a lunch box hat.  The top compartment of the hat is moisture proof and able to hold the delicate bits of delectability that a lovely working woman might nibble during her lunch break.


And the piece de resistance:

The Dual Standing Rib Roast Hat:

Carry your dinner offering comfortably and handily while leaving hands free and looking absolutely stunning as you amble to the pot luck.


What was actually written about these 1911 styles in McCall Magazine:

These hats were under the category of “Mourning Millinery”.  You will recognize the lovely Dual Standing Rib Roast hat on the left.



  Here is the rest of the page with the text:

The rest of 1911 Millinery for Winter:


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