Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily Sarah Palin

I've been reading James Lileks' blog for years. His sarcasm is so finely tuned that it makes a high note only dogs can hear. He has been documenting the anti-Sarah Palin screediness on a daily basis now - and it's too funny to miss. Here is my favorite paragraph of today's column:

"The term “elitist” does not mean a smart person with an area of expertise. It means a person who occupies a narrow stratum of society, usually academic – although people in think-tanks who view the world through steepled fingers qualify as well – whose Olympian perspective is usually predicated on a set of assumptions about people tinged with equal parts indulgent condescension and faint amusement, as an anthropologist might bring to the study of a Cargo Cult. It also confuses proximity to the Washington Monument with access to truth. "

I think he hit the nail right on the head. You must read the rest - there is more of the same, in answer to quotes from various anti-Sarah Palin writers. It is too delicious to miss.

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