Sunday, April 8, 2007


Well, we're back from Idaho - and I have pictures, of course. Here are what the streets look like and the view as we drove from the airport:

Some of the trees and flowers in bloom - a grape hyacinth and a plum tree:

My husband, my daughter and I took a ride to Banks Here is some of what we saw:

Our final full day in Idaho, my husband's brother took us on a day trip not too far out of Boise. We took the highway east and got off at Blacks Creek Road - took that all the way to the Ystop store in Prairie and then turned around. Most of the way was dirt road and very high and precipitous with no guard rails. The scenery was beautiful. You can find our route here. Make sure you switch to the aerial image.

Notice the squiggly white line? That's the unpaved road. Keep following that road east. Eventually the South Fork of the Boise River will enter the picture. Take note of the mountainous terrain - and the green field in the middle of nowhere - that's a farm. They must shop for supplies a few times a year, because the road gets washed out in winter from snow runoff. You can see the Trinity Mountains in the distance in the first picture.

These are the Owyhee Mountains The flamingos look pretty funny - they're at the Ystop store in Prairie.

My husband is on the right - his brother, of course, is on the left.A mom and dad Mountain Bluebird couple. She has a twig in her beak and is just waiting for me to go away so she can continue building her nest.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Off To Boise

My husband and I will be in Boise, Idaho visiting family until Friday evening, April 6......