Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Am NOT Happy About This

Those who live in South Florida will know what I'm talking about:
I don't mind a Tropical Storm - I welcomed Fay because we got 2 WHOLE DAYS off to stay in and watch the rain. I knew Lake Okeechobee would get refilled and that our drought would be over. All my plants would get much needed rain and I could hibernate inside for 2 straight days and enjoy the respite.

Not so with a Cat 4 storm. Those babies rip off roofs, destroy homes - heck, trailer parks don't stand a chance - and just ruin everything. Trees are down everywhere and houses - not so good. Not to mention the actual going through 6-10 hours of hell on earth while the shrieking banshees are howling around the corners of your house looking for little crevices to hide in, gain a foothold, then pry up and rip off, bit by bit. If anyone remembers what it looked like after Andrew passed - it looked like a nuclear bomb hit. Not good. Then there are the weeks afterward until power is restored while you sweat in houses not built for Florida conditions, while your neighbors run 1 million decible generators right outside your windows. All I can say is "Arrrrrgh". May God allow Ike to do what Floyd did, except not hit ANY land at all.


SwampAngel65 said...

I don't mind a Cat 1 or 2, nut anything stronger starts to freak me out...memories of Andrew, ya know? Let's all start telling Ike to take a hike and maybe he'll listen and obey!

Anonymous said...

Get a generator!!!!