Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Funny!!

I have not used Messaging on a phone before - until now.  I am at work and had to instant message one of my coworkers who is not here regarding an issue.  After I received an answer to my question, I attempted to be "cute" and use "message spelling" in the form of:

kthnx - this is pronounced 'K (short for okay), Thanks.

Instead my helpful Messaging program in my phone used spellcheck to guess what I wanted to say and when I pressed the "SEND" button, it sent:


Picturing my coworker scratching his head and trying to figure out what the heck I was trying to say, I hurriedly typed, "Freaking spellck".

But my handy spellcheck kicked in again and when I pressed "SEND", it sent:

Freaking speck.

OK - now my coworker is sure that I'm officially wacko.  He sends me:


As I read my two screwed up messages I begin to laugh hysterically.  When things go wrong, slapstick wrong, stupid wrong - it makes me just laugh so hard I cry.  It's just so serendipitously FUNNY.

My final attempt - after laughing - I attempt to type "Are u loling?  I am", which, of course you can anticipate didn't come out that way.

When I pressed, "SEND",  my coworker received:
Are u liking?  I am.

At which he sent me two emoticons.  They were a smiley face with a gun facing it's brain.  That made me laugh harder.

Now that the fiasco of messaging is over, I went through my settings and found that under "Keyboard" I had "auto spellcheck" on.  I turned it off - and should have no further difficulty or hilarity with this feature.

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