Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interesting Weekend

When I came home from work on Friday, my cable AND my TV were out.  We called AT&T and were told a technician would be out between when we called and 9pm.  They never showed.  

Oh - also - our phone was out.  Saturday came and we were promised a technician would be out before noon.  Noon came and went.  Nada.  Finally, around 3pm, AT&T showed up and fixed the problem.  Really?  Not a big deal.  I worked in the garden all day anyway - and Friday night I read books.

However, this afternoon around 5pm, the toilet clogged.  It clogged so badly that it backed up into the tub.  We tried chemicals, boiling water, plunging until our arms fell off.  Nada.

So we called Roto Rooter.  I remember their commercials from when I was a child - a cheery woman's voice sings "Roto Rooter - that's the name" a man's very bass voice sings "and away go troubles down the drain".  The women's voice pipes up one more time "Roto Rooter!!".

They told us they would be at our house no later than 11:30pm.  Sigh.  The bathtub was full of smelly brown stuff - guess what that might be?  The toilet was full of suds from the chemicals and soap we had put in.  

The good news is Roto Rooter showed up at about 10:45pm, and they roto rootered the whole house.  The main guy got up on the roof (who knew?) and throughout our small house could be heard the sound of the metal rooter going deep into our drain and out into the pipe that connects us to city water and sewage in the back yard.  My husband now knows for sure where that pipe is - and Roto Rooter put a treatment in that guarantees their work for 6 months.  This cost us $385.00.  Yes, that is a lot of money, but when you have and it is out of service, that price seems quite good, especially when the work is guaranteed.  I could hear that rooter thingy going for at least 15 minutes - and my husband said he could hear gurgling under the lawn in the back yard.  Weird....but tres bueno!!  

An eventful, but good weekend has come and gone - tomorrow is a work day.  Night night everyone.

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