Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

It seems to be getting warmer here finally.  Soon I'll be longing for the cool days and nights as the heat gets oppressive.  For now, however, it is absolutely beautiful.  My husband and I could take a ride to several areas - and often do - to see wildlife, but my favorite spot is my own backyard.  This is the time of year when the bougainvilleas just pop with color and as April approaches, more and more of the bush is covered with blooms.

First, since this is Saturday, my hubby and I went out to breakfast, which is his favorite meal.  He positively loves Bogart's Bagels in Pembroke Pines, which has great coffee and bacon, two prerequisites to a successful breakfast.  Before we arrived at Bogart's, we took a little ride to Davie to see if we could buy another Coontie plant to attract Atala butterflies.  I actually saw an Atala butterfly in my yard twice within the last month, but by the time I got my camera, he/she was gone.  The second time it even landed on the one coontie plant we have.  I was so hoping that it was an egg laying Atala and I inspected the coontie several times over the next week or so to see if anything developed, but it didn't.  Unlike landscaping that uses Coontie, I will never use insecticide so the Atalas, if they come, can munch down as much as they like.  The pictures below of the Egyptian geese and their babies, the cormorant and the duck I woke up from his nap were all taken on the way to the plant nursery.

I thought the window at the top of our front door looked photographic this morning, so I snapped it.

Now for the pictures from my backyard ramblings today.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...


I can't wait until everything greens up here and we get some color. At least the crocus has bloomed. :)

Susan Humeston said...

It's just a matter of a few weeks for you and it will be nice there. It's beautiful here until May and then we start getting some rain pretty often. Some years it stays dry through May and June and there are lots of fires, and it's TOO hot! The one bonus of the rainy season is the daily rain. There are clouds every afternoon that block the sun and make it bearable outside. Plus the plants go NUTS and grow like weeds.