Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weeds in My Back Yard

All the following pictures were taken in my back yard. We don't have much grass in the back yard, but we do have a lot of ground cover weeds that don't look bad at all - and have some beautiful flowers:

This is the uninspiring macro view of the bit of ground where most of those weeds are flowering - they are so tiny you can't enjoy them much with the naked eye.

Next - I played with some lenses a little bit and took some "effects" photos of my clerodendrums and blue lantana in bloom.

Lastly, some blue glass we have hanging on a bird feeder branch, a clear picture of the clerodendrums and a little bee I saw while lying in the grass.

Oops - I almost forgot - an aloe-like, cactusey kind of plant that is flowering right now.

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