Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Dentist

I went to a new dentist today. I had gone in the past to a couple of young guys who were priced very high. I had to use "Care Credit" to pay my bill with them and I hated going.

What prompted me to change, other than my dislike of the present dentists, was a flyer I received in the mail advertising "free whitening for life". My teeth are slightly discolored due to medicine I took when I was a child. They're not bad - they're light beige as opposed to stark white - and they don't look any different than they did from my sixth grade pictures - and I am now 52. I just am tired of beige teeth - and if it is free, as they say, then what the heck.

I had this flyer for a while, and last night I chipped a filling on one of my back top right molars, so I made an appointment and got right in today. I was nervous since this was a whole new office, but it seemed quite nice, modern and very clean.

The Dr. is a graduate of the University of Louisiana, and probably in his 60's. At first, his age made me nervous. I didn't like the know-it-all cockiness of the young guys I went to before, but I also didn't want someone who was past his prime either. However, he was personable and discussed what he wanted to do about the chip. He said it was a small chip and didn't take much drilling to fill. He said that filling was the best option, since I didn't need a crown - the tooth could be fixed, in other words. I'm afraid the young guys would have told me I needed a crown and before I could get the crown, I'd need surgery to lower my gums, etc. etc. etc.

So, the dentist drilled a bit and refilled the chipped area - so far no problem. He numbed me right away. In the past, I've had dentists have problems numbing me - not this one. I also have had weird feelings like my heart racing once the shot of novacaine is given, but that didn't happen this time either.

It all went so smoothly. I also asked about a small chip off the bottom of one of my two center front teeth. He said he though he could actually fill that also - he didn't think filing or a fake tooth was necessary since it's such a small chip. He did say that the filling might not last as long as other fillings - but we'll see. I'm also scheduled for a cleaning next time and for molds to be made of my teeth in preparation for the whitening stuff I'll get to take home and use.

Oh - and I got X-Rays first, of course - I forgot to mention that. So, all in all, it seemed like a good office and he seemed like a good dentist.

The bill? $58.50, of which $25.00 was my deductible for the year, now met. Can't beat that.


Anonymous said...

Suze, Tell the dentist you want the novocaine without the epinephrine (spelling??). That's what makes your heart race and gives a feeling of anxiety. The other does not last as long, but I have been requesting and using that for years and it is much better. C

Susan Humeston said...

Anonymous - I wonder if that's what he used, since I had no heart rushing episode today. He also knew there would be minimal drilling, so perhaps that's what he did. Thanks for the tip - I never knew there were types of novocaine.

Anonymous said...

Must have been dentist day. I went as well. I would rather do just about anything than go the dentirst. Glad you had a good experience. I've been meaning to ask, how's your dad?

Susan Humeston said...

Cathy - my dad came home from the nursing home in December in time for Christmas. He has been much better - almost his old self. My sister came down a couple of weeks ago and we visited my parents - he could stand for a little on his own and walk, however, he uses a walker and just got a motorized chair to zip around in. He is so much better it is astounding. He is funny again (he has always been a great jokester) and able to come to the table and eat, converse - it's a miracle. It just goes to show that you can't jump to conclusions - a person's not out until he is out, and the Lord's timing is unknown until it has occurred. Thanks for asking!