Friday, June 11, 2010

The Oil on the Gulf

I haven't written in a long time - I've been very lax - and discouraged.  Every time I think about the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico I want to scream, I want to do something to help clean up, I want to shake the people in charge and make them do what is right......and of course I cannot do any of those things.  I work full time, so I can't just travel to the Alabama and Louisiana coastal areas and help, although if I could, I would in a heartbeat.  At least I'd feel as if I was doing something.  

I came across this blog that has two very recent and very telling videos of the Gulf shorelines from the air - black, thick ooze on what used to be white sand beaches.  I know there have been many dead dolphins and untold numbers of - we'll never know how many - sea lfe that have been killed by the oil.  It is in deep water and shallow - it is filling the Gulf and it is a disaster that we just seem to be standing around with our hands in our pockets, jaws dropped - just watching like dumb asses.

When you watch the video you see whole deserted coastlines where nothing is being done - the oil is just swishing up onto the beach and killing whatever life was there.  And there isn't enough cleanup help or animal and bird help - and Obama is clueless and has refused help from other countries better prepared than we are to deal with this sort of thing.

Holland, which is at or below sea level, knows a lot about berms and keeping out the sea - protecting the shoreline.  Holland deals with the North Sea which is a lot more volatile and violent than the Gulf   They offered to help us - ON DAY 3 of the spill - and Obama said no.

Here is the web site with the videos - watch it and weep.  Weep for the people who have made their living on the coasts of Alabama, Florida and Louisiana, as well as Texas - for generations - and are ruined.

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