Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Backyard Snaps

He's cute, isn't he?  The sun was shining on him, so it's too bright - but you can still see his smiling face.

This looks like he's smiling with teeth.....

A Dwarf Poinciana flower just beginning to open.

An open Dwarf Poinciana flower.

The little orange balls above and below are tiny Dwarf Poinciana budlets getting ready to open into flowers.

Above is an orange-red Gerbera Daisy

Don't know what the orange flower is, but it sure is pretty!

Above is a purple and blue Dahlia bud with the rest of the open flowers blurred behind it.

Another Dahlia bud.

A volunteer sunflower from the bird seed we put out - the geometric center is endlessly fascinating.

Another view of the sunflower center.

A different, more advanced sunflower center.  The buds are bursting with pollen.

And finally - another volunteer birdseed plant/flower.  I have no idea what this is, but maybe once it goes to seed I'll be able to figure out what it is.  Meanwhile, the leaves look a little like lettuce leaves.  I love yellow.

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