Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mucho Bettero

Last time any intrepid reader visited it was VERY GLOOMY in here. Let's put some light on, open the blinds and windows and let in some fresh air. There.....isn't that better?

I visited my mother and father for a few days and they were, of course, very glad to see me. My dad is doing quite well and my mom looks 60, I swear it - and she's 81.

I drove around Sebring and Lake Placid, two very charming Central Florida communities that have managed to hold onto yesteryear gracefully. Both have beautiful downtown areas that, even in summer (the off season for Florida tourists), have plenty of business.

Lake Placid has a new restaurant only down the street from my parent's house called "No Frills Grill". Their motto is "rarely pretentious". The food is wonderful. I had quiche and my mother had their "ultimate burger" which was entered into a contest on the Regis Philbin show and came close to winning - or actually won, I'm not sure. The Ultimate Burger at No Frills Grill is now famous and the parking lot is always full. My husband didn't come with me on this visit to my parent's house, but next time we go up together, we are definitely having lunch at - you guessed it - The No Frills Grill.

One other nice note - my dad is recovering from receiving a pacemaker in a physical rehab hospital. It doubles as an old age home, but can temporarily serve people like my dad who need care for a few weeks until they get their strength back. My dad has a room mate whose wife was visiting when I was there. She had their pastor come, and I believe they are Baptist. Anyway, the pastor talked with the wife for a while about church happenings and told her if she needs anything, not to hesitate to let the church know. Then, before he left, he prayed with them. Since only a curtain separates my dad from his room mate, we could hear everything. I was participating quietly, agreeing with all the Pastor said, and then he prayed for "the gentlemen in the other bed and his family" - wasn't that lovely? When they said "amen" at the end, I leaned over and said with them, "Amen"! The Pastor said he should have asked if we minded being prayed for and of course I said, "Heavens NO! Pray for us any time you like - that was wonderful and so kind - thank you thank you thank you!!!!" It just uplifted my spirit to hear that prayer and be a part of it. My mom and dad are Catholic and they are from the WWII generation where they don't much talk about religion. My mom does sometimes, but my dad not much at all. In any case - it was lovely.

Since my dad has the pacemaker in, he seems more alert and interested in his surroundings. I think his slow heartbeat was depriving him of oxygen and he was just sleepy and disinterested most of the time. He is improving and getting his strength back quickly.

Anyway - that's all for now. Yes, the same problems that afflicted me when I wrote the previous posts are still there - but it's all in perception. And faith. Also - I can't stay depressed constantly - with me, it's more like ups and downs. The downs aren't fun, but the ups are coming along presently.

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and if you don't know who this is - next time I see you I'll give you SUCH a smack!!!!