Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mamma Mia

I work with a couple of people who have been raving about Mamma Mia, the Abba musical. Not having seen it, I thought I'd Google it and see what the plot is.
The plot? She is dead in the water. She is retarded. Too stupid for words - I'm glad I haven't wasted my time on this Broadway play/movie.
Quick synopsis? Girl getting married - doesn't know father because mom slept around in such rapid succession with 3 separate men (and got impregnated by one of them), then dumped them and never saw any of them again. Girl wants father to walk her down the aisle, a.k.a., "give her away".
Mom was once part of a girl band who are reuniting for daughter's wedding.
Girl finds out who 3 possible fathers are and writes them letters, inviting them to wedding, without telling her mother.
Girl doesn't tell fiance either.
Men arrive day before wedding. All 3 men have personalities that must have been made up in some woman's fervent imagination.
The 3 men take turns doing unlikely things such as:
* showing up to begin with - spending the money to travel and stay for a wedding for someone they reputedly don't know.
* declare they are the girl's father and offer to walk her down the aisle
* offer to pay for the wedding
Girl turns down all 3 men and takes her mother's offer to walk her down the aisle instead. Alrighty then.
All 3 men go to party where mother and band members have reunited. One of the 3 decides he is still in love with mother, one of the 3 announces he is gay and the last one of the 3 meets someone he likes and attempts to have sex with her in a restaurant, when people begin to arrive at the restaurant, shock of shocks.
Are you ready for the best part of this treacley piece of trash?
Girl and fiance decide on the day of the wedding that it's too soon to get married, so they go off on a world tour, while the man who has decided that mom is still hot marries her and the wedding "stuff" doesn't go to waste.
All this is interrupted at various parts for the lamely appropriate ABBA song.
So much for Mamma Mia.

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