Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Wounded Friend

I have a blog friend whom I read every day, every post that she writes. She is one of my absolute favorite blogs because she is a wonderful testimony for faith in Christ under pressure. Christians can write all day long about what they believe, but when the rubber hits the road, I want to read the words of someone who has already been down the road of suffering ahead of me - and is Victorious in Christ!! Someone who reflects Christ more every day in her attitude and in the witness of her blog.

The blog I am talking about is Coffee, Tea, Books and Me. Recently, the writer of this blog posted one of her "stock up the pantry" entries. The point is that times are economically hard and getting harder, especially for those on fixed incomes or very low incomes. This lady is in that position and continues to persevere beautifully under the load. She has pitifully little to stock up with - as in, money, to buy those items one needs extra of, so that when prices go up and up, you have enough of that item to keep you and your family for a while.

She and her husband have visited area food banks to supplement their food needs, something she may have to do more of in the future, as they are on a very low fixed income.

Because her blog is meant to be a comforting, loving place, she does not give every detail of her life, so she doesn't mention how dire their circumstances are at times. If you have any discernment at all, read between the lines, and you'll have an idea of what this lady is up against. I have been reading her blog for a couple of years now, and every once in a while, some nasty self-righteous person visits and posts a judgemental, accusing, hurtful comment. Usually these people are named, "Anonymous", since they have probably only visited once or twice. Blogs are very personal things. If you don't like what someone says on a blog, don't read it and - for heaven's sake - don't post comments there.


Anonymous said...

I love Brendas blog too and was very saddened that others would wound her so. I hope all the postive comments left have encouraged and uplifted her. She is such a gifted writer and so wise.She has such a sweetness I don't understand why anyone would be so stinging and so wrong in their comments. She doesn't think she has that much ministry but oh she does!! Yes we should be uplifting one another. I was raised with the thought that if you don't have something nice to say about something don't say anything...wish these people had done that. Blogging is a personal thing and done out of generosity and hard work. Sharing your life is not easy and you have a right to keep your life as private as you want. Brenda opened up and let us share some of her life and we owe her much. Thanks. Jody

Susan Humeston said...

Thank you for your supportive comment! It looks like, after over 73 comments on Coffee, Tea, Books and Me - Brenda will continue with her blog! Yay!!