Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Still Here

I voted early, and then went to sleep early on November 4. I couldn't stand to watch the talking heads conjecture on and on. When I woke up on November 5, my husband told me Obama had won.

Along with the deepening recession/depression and the sense of catastrophe that wafts in the air, some days stronger and some days not as strong, hearing that a socialist had won the Presidency of the US was a reminder that we are truly in a downturn in this country. Unless Mr. Obama does things differently than conservatives expect, he will bring the last of the ramparts down around our ears.

That said, my Lord is in charge of history, and the US is probably on schedule for an a$$ whooping, since we don't need God, don't believe He exists and our policies regarding the sanctity of life echo that disregard.

I feel darkness around me at work, where many are just thrilled to see Obama win. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is giving me little nudges that the times, they are definitely a-changing, but not for the better.

More prayer, more immersion in the Word, more time with my Lord - in preparation for the future that only He knows. I gain inspiration and comfort from this blog. The lady at Coffe, Tea, Books & Me bids us remember the grace of the Lord toward His children.

We are in the midst of redemption, the time of His coming is getting closer and closer. I can tell you, I am more than ready to call it quits on this planet and move into the Heavenly realm.

If I have any readers left, since I'm not timely in my posts, do any of you feel the same way? A sense of expectancy, a sense of dread? As if we have put our ear to the ground and hear the dull roar of a distant buffalo stampede coming closer? If you feel the same, leave a post.


Island Rider said...

I feel an expectation, but it is not with dread. While my candidate did not win, I am firmly convinced as you said that God is in charge of history. No matter who is in control of Washington, He is in charge of the universe. I can't wait to see how He reveals Himself even in these dark, dark days. It is always good to see you post. I enjoy hearing your point of view. Cathy S.

Anonymous said...

I agree one hundred percent. although I know in my heart and head that this world has nothing to offer, it is still unnerving and disconcerting to see the crumbling and destruction going on right around you. Like you I have been in an atmosphere of darkness and everyone is so jubilent that Obama has won. It is even more chilling to realize that no one is seeing or feeling what I am (at least at school anyway). But there are Christians in my community who voted for Obama. That bothers me - how can they vote for someone who holds the values (less) that he does. Is this all just backlash against Bush? How very very sad! I feel this heaviness that won't go away. Also, since I am not working, I have to fight the urge to leave school and find a job, any job just to make sure I am taking care of myself. . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ~ try not to despair. There needed to be a change in this country. I do think this was a backlash against Bush. Even though things are going to get tough, we'll be okay. God is in control.