Monday, August 4, 2008

A Photo Break

I decided to take a little break from the genealogy work and scanning old photos. Today, I took the day off from work and photographed some critters in my back yard. First, there is the green bee. I had never seen one of these before, so I nearly got heat stroke waiting for one to land and for it to stay still long enough to be photographed. Honey bees seem to be increasing in number also in our yard. Thank God! I was quite worried about honey bees and still am - but I am seeing lots more of them. There have been many on our Firebush in front of the house. We used to see so many of them on our Mexican Heather, and now they are returning again in decent numbers. Here are a few shots of the green bee. In one shot he is all the way inside one of the purple flowers we have in our garden - called a Mexican or Desert Petunia.

Caribbean spider topside

Caribbean spider underside - his "behind" looks like a skull head - interesting!
A snail out and about
Poinciana flowers up close

I have no idea what this bush is, but it started growing on it's own in my back yard. It's pretty, so I kept it. I know it's used as a hedge in landscaping here, but a search on the internet did not reveal what it is called....oh well.

Finally - a "regular" honeybee sticking his head into a Firebush flower


Just Here For Now said...

What photos! Maybe in another place you wrote what kind of camera you have, but I really would like to know!!

Susan Humeston said...

Thank you! I use a Canon 30D - it's a digital SLR. I used the 100mm lens for these.

Anonymous said...

I need to break away and take a photo field trip myself!! Although a good camera is great (lucky you to have one)....the true beauty of a photo lies in the eye of the photographer...and you certainly have a wonderful eye for beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

My mother calls that red flower Ixora.

Susan Humeston said...

Danielle - thanks - what a nice compliment! Your photography is wonderful, too!

Cathy S - AHA!! So THAT'S what it is.....thanks!!