Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bugs 'N Flowers

Hubby and I went out on a small photo jaunt this morning. We just stopped along the road in town, stood by the weeds and took the following pictures. As usual, click on them to "embiggen" them.

The first is - I think - a grey hairstreak. She - it has to be a she - is SO beautiful. Her "face" reminds me of a children's book butterfly queen. She was rubbing her wings together - it looked like she was trying to get attention - perhaps find a mate. She has such big, limpid eyes, such delicate "hands" - surely she is royalty.

Next, a small 1/2" green grasshopper. He is very different from the huge Lubber grasshoppers I usually see.

Next, a very unimpressive weed that close-up, is not unimpressive at all.

These lavender flowers with a yellow interior were growing on a tree.

This Familiar Bluet is just one example of something you might miss if you don't look carefully
Here is a side view.
Here is is staring us straight in the eyes

Here is a top view of the Familiar Bluet, and also one of him in flight:

This bunch of orange flowers was growing on another landscaping tree - I need to find out what these trees are, but I just don't have any more room in my yard to plant anything else, darn it.

This is a very tiny mystery orange and yellow bug/butterfly/moth (who knows?). In the first picture, you can see the bug's "face" a little better:

Last, here is what I've named a Darth Vader dragonfly. He is either a widow or a banded skimmer - none of the pictures in my dragonfly book look exactly like him.

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