Friday, May 23, 2008


Finally - it's Friday again. I'm at work, where I'm far more relaxed than I'll be at home tonight. Hence, I'm writing a post now. I have a computer job, and there's not much to do today, so I can sit at my computer and.....not do as much as on other days. The operative word is "sit", as opposed to what I'm doing later on.

When I get home this afternoon, I'm making my first attempt at Cuban style roast pork, which will then be shredded and fried with onions. Then I'm making black beans and rice to go with it - I've made them before. And finally, plantains, which I've also made before.

In between the cooking? I'm vacuuming, straightening up the house, cleaning and doing laundry. This is a three day weekend and I don't want to spend any of those three days cleaning. I want to go on an outing, which means MORE PICTURES TO POST and I also want to take one day to go through all the junk and messy cabinets I have in my kitchen, throw out or give away unwanted "stuff" and generally pare down. I started doing this last night and feel better already. The counters have less on them and a couple of cabinets have less IN them, too.
So, keep tuned to this "channel" for some weekend pictures - and you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

Oh - and to my sister? Here's your post - I hope you enjoy it!!!

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Smart ass!!!!