Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Photos for January 1, 2008

My husband and I went for a short ride into the Everglades today and below are some of the photographs I took. Our first stop was along I-75 just before the first major rest stop. I noticed some herons and ibis perched on a low bush next to the exit. Amongst them I thought I saw something pink! The Mr. managed to turn us around so we could retrace our steps - and sure enough, a roseate spoonbill was in the bushes with the herons and ibis. I've only seen spoonbills at Flamingo Gardens in captivity,
never in the wild, so this was wonderful! Here he is looking at me as if to say - "Hey! You lookin' at ME?"

Here he is flying away

Next - we got off I-75 at Government Road and I caught a little blue heron flying away

Finally we made it to Huff Bridge Road where there was a damselfly in the grass

There was a pretty yellow wildflower, better known as a weed, alongside the gravel road

I also noticed an orange dragonfly

There was a mystery hawk in a distant bush - I could not identify what type he is, but I thought he was beautiful


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great start to your New Year. What a nice way to spend the day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wandered over here after I read your mention of photographing birds on Pure Florida.
Just wanted you to know that that is not just any old hawk!!!
They are not commonly seen in South florida...
I just love kites of all sorts.
Did you see it on Government road or perchance were you at the end of Research road in ENP?


Susan Humeston said...


Wow!! I had the Sibley's book out to see what kind of hawk it was, but since I didn't get a better picture or see it's back feathers, I gave up! We saw him on Government Road about 5 miles past the Indian stop. There is a wooden cow enclosure there and we always stop at the spot - it's on the right hand side if you're going north on Government Road. Thanks for the ID!! I'm excited to go back out there this weekend now!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are going back out that way, do yourself a favor and make the turn onto 835 (or is it 833?)(just hang a right from Government road) and head up to Ocean Boy shrimp farms and look for the Limpkins,Caracaras,SNAIL kites,Harrier hawks and other birds that frequent the side of the road there.
Its awesome and well worth the detour.
Oh yeah, and watch the power lines for scissortail flycatchers and western kingbirds too.

Myamuh Native--who loves kites and birding Government Road in the winter:)

Susan Humeston said...

We usually turn down the gravel Huff Bridge Road - and go through the various turns until we end up back on Route 27 and from there, home. I'll have to follow your advice - I'm ready for something different.

Anonymous said...

Love those photos ... especially the spoonbill and the hawk/kite. Found this page about white tail kites:


My first inclination when I saw your photo was that the bird was a White Hawk. I know they're found in the Central America area and parts of South America ... but I suppose they could wander into Southern Florida, as well. Maybe blown in by a storm?



And I found this image/blog entry online of a partial albino Red-Tailed Hawk. Thought it looked a bit like your bird, as well.


I'm thinking it's probably the kite, though, since MyamuhNative was certain. After all, I'm just guessing (with the help of the internet). :-)

It's definitely a BEAUTIFUL bird, whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

great photo's! thanks for sharing them. (I came to your blog via debi's) nice background music too...as I sit here in the midwest surrounded by snow and cold :-)

Susan Humeston said...

I will defer to greater birders on the ID of that hawk - I have no idea. I wish I could go out there every day....but unfortunately I have to work!