Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh My Gosh - This is Beautiful!!

Listen to this woman's singing!! Her name is Amalia Rodrigues and she was popular in the 1940's, in case you can't tell by her clothes and hair.

I went immediately to Itunes and downloaded what I could find of hers. She is singing in Portuguese, which sounds like Russian a bit to me - weird. I have heard lots of Spanish and even Italian, but Portuguese is especially soft. French is more nasal and it is soft also, but Portuguese sounds like an Eastern European language a bit because of all the "zh" sounds in their speech. I wonder why, out of all the Romance languages Portuguese sounds so unique.

Oh how beautiful are these songs!! The singing starts at about 1:01 if you don't want to wade through the Portuguese and don't understand what they are saying. I sure don't - but I don't care - the singing is absolutely beautiful!

I found her because I had also previously found Sylvana Mangano, a singer and actress popular in Italy in the late 1940's - here is HER video - I love this song, also, but there is little singing, just "bailar"ing - or dancing....

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