Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Tunes

I removed the I Tunes favorites widget to the left because I couldn't get it to work right. All it showed as my favorites were the 18 songs I purchased the last time I purchased anything. I have a LOT more favorites than that - and I've purchased a LOT more than that over the years, but it didnt' show on the widget. So, you say, why didn't you try to fix it? I did.

First, I clicked on the widget which took me to a page that required I sign into I Tunes. No problem. When I Tunes opened, it promptly told me there was an update. I hate those things - time wasters. Companies should arrange that updates are done at 2AM and automatically, so they don't waste your time. Of course I want the update! So I went through that - 10 minutes of download followed by the inexorable, "you must reboot your computer". After another 5 minutes of shut down and restart (the new Vista is slower than molasses), I begin again.

Click on widget, go to page that requests I open I Tunes. I open I Tunes. Now the widget page tells me to "sign in" and click on "Enable My Tunes". This is only the first step of three, but I can go no further.

I try to sign into I Tunes and I keep getting a message that the connection is broken - to check my network settings, etc. However, I can go everywhere else on the internet - just not I Tunes. Since I can't sign in, I guess I'll never know where "Enable My Tunes" is.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to buy music again. Maybe I'll have to buy somewhere else, but that will screw up what I own in I Tunes - they can't be mixed. Sigh.

I need to go out and buy an old fashioned turn table (which, incidentally, Target is selling as a novelty item) and some records - and forget about this whole on-line thing. You buy the music, but you can only make 4 copies of it and you can't mix it with songs bought from somewhere else.

I bet that latest update messed everything up. Perhaps the next update will fix it. In any case, I'm over the widget thing - I just deleted it from my page and life goes on.

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