Friday, October 19, 2007

Back From New York State

I always rush to be specific - it's either UPSTATE New York, or New York State, as opposed to New York City - perish the thought. I would not want anyone to mistakenly think I'm from there - I'm a country girl, born and bred.

Anyway, the Mr. and I finally made the pilgrimage to my home area. He is a native Floridian and, although he has traveled all over the country, he had not seen my neck of the woods, especially with the thought that it was my growing up place. I was shocked to see that not much has changed - so it was a pleasant shock. My home since
I was 1 year old looks wonderful:

Here is a place where I worked when I was 17 years old - for a few months anyway - it literally has not changed one iota:

Here is the fire station. It was old when I was a child. I remember taking a baby-sitting class on the second floor the summer I was 13 so that I could make some spending money:

My home town is only minutes from some lovely mountains where I used to go for rides as a teenager. This particular place has lovely memories for me, as well as making me sad that I live so far away from it now:

This is on top of a mountain in the Shawangunks and there is a stone arch through which you walk and - this is what you see:

Every road was beautiful - we passed so many old houses and farms from Revolutionary times. We found an old bookstore in a VERY small town - I could have spent days in there, but I managed to leave with only about 15 books, which, for me, is few!

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My family is from upstate New York--Fingerlakes area. I want my girls to see it again with me someday.