Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So, here I am at work. It's 12:27 (I have 3 hours until I can go home) and things are slow - obviously, since I'm posting. It's pouring out and more rain is expected.
There's something nice about a rainy day. I grew up in the Northeast, so rainy/cloudy/snowy days are pretty common. It's too dreary in the Northeast - too many of those dark days, but in Florida, which is usually relentlessly sunny, it's a break to have a rainy day. It's like a ticket to do nothing. You don't really want to drive anywhere unless you have to. You don't feel like you should be working in the garden or starting any complicated projects. You have weather "permission" to just lie around, read, snooze - and just enjoy indoorness. I like that occasionally. When it's sunny out, it's beautiful here, but I think, "I should be pulling more morning glory vines down"..."I should be riding my bike, pulling weeds, painting walls, etc. etc. etc."

So, at 3:30, when I break loose from here and head home - I hope it's pouring so I can just turn into a giant veggie, reading blogs and books - and snoozing in between.

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