Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 Things

Even though I wasn't "tagged" specifically, I'm going to participate in the "8 things about myself" meme, if I can think of 8 things that won't put people to sleep - or myself, for that matter.
1. I was born in upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains and I've never gotten over trying to get back to an area like that, with hills and trees and seasons - I presently live in South Florida, which, while quite beautiful in places, is overcrowded and crime-ridden, not to mention no hills and no seasons to speak of - plus it's WAY too expensive.
2a. Have I mentioned I want to move desperately? Anywhere in the Appalachians would do, and I'd consider most other places as long as they have hills, 4 seasons and pretty trees in abundance. Unfortunately, my husband wants to move to Boise, ID. Period. No where else. Just Boise. Meanwhile, we're middle aged, close to normal retirement age (although it looks like we'll never be able to retire financially) - and it's not a good age to look for new jobs......sigh.
2b. I LOVE kitties - I have 4 cats - Neko (named by my daughter - the Japanese word for "cat", Squeebles, Buster and Junior Beans).
3. As another meme-answerer noted - I too have trouble trusting God. My excuse? I also have a distant family. Just not close at all, except for one sister, plus, my father was a rage-a-holic when I was small. He also tried to apologize whenever he lost his temper and hit us, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
4. I love history. My favorite times are delving into the history of some place or person I've been reading about. If you go back a post or two, you'll read all about the genealogy of Ruth Bell Graham - why, you may ask, did I get interested in that? Well, I admired her greatly - and read the story of her father - "A Foreign Devil in China" - and I ran amok from there.
5. At night when I go to sleep, I imagine I'm in another place - in a cabin all snug with snow outside perhaps - and I fall asleep noting all the details - what color are the quilts, what is the scene out the window, the fireplace, etc. Sometimes I try to imagine living in a huge treehouse and how I'd design it. I don't know where this habit of imagining came from, but it works, as bizarre as it might be.
6. I was married 14 years to husband #1 and divorced in 1993. My first husband left me and I raised my only child, my daughter, myself - with a distant family, it was very difficult. I met my present husband in 1994, but we didn't get married until my daughter graduated from high school and went to college.
7. I'm running out of things. I'm overweight and I hate it, but I also hate diets and fads. Add to that the fact that my job is sitting at a desk all day, and I hate to exercise - well, it doesn't bode well for weight loss.
8. I became a Christian in 1974, when a fellow college friend witnessed to me. It was the time of Jesus freaks - so I remember some of the same things as this lovely lady-blogger.


Anonymous said...

I saw on Brenda's blog that you answered the "8 things" so I came over to read your answers.
I live in a beautiful place, but dh and I would like to move to rural Virginia-we've talked about it for several years. It has what you dream of-four seasons, trees and hills, lots of beauty. And how could I forget history? I'm a nut for the colonial time period. I never tire of reading or learning about it. I've often thought I was born in the wrong century. :)
Thanks for participating! It's nice to meet you.

Susan Humeston said...

Thank you, Joanna. Maybe we'll both get our wishes.....