Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pictures Around Home and South Florida

Finally the weather is cooler and drier and pleasant.  Yesterday we went out into the Everglades via route 27 to the left turn at Holeyland and Rotenberger Wildlife Management Areas, then through the Seminole village on 833, the to route 835 and finally into Clewiston for some ice cream cones.  Then we drove home.  We got a few pictures, not to mention the critters in our back yard.  First is an immature female Belted Kingfisher - they are notoriously hard to photograph because they are so skittish and fly away before you get a shot.  This one was in some bushes and I spied her because the sun shone off the little white spot on her chest.  She thought I couldn't see her - no matter how I pointed my camera and got a bit closer, she was convinced I couldn't see her. 

Next pictures are from about a week ago when a beautiful cardinal who must be migrating stopped in our yard for a day.  I so hoped he'd stay, but I was glad he stopped and let me take some pictures.

I didn't know they eat peanuts, but he came nearly up to my porch door to drag a peanut away to a safe place to eat.

Our resident Mockingbird.  She loves the dry non-fat suet.  We buy peanut flavored.  If there is none out there, she will haunt the porch area until we see her and put some out.

The jewel of the finch set - the Painted Bunting - male.  We have one male this year and about three females.  The females are green and are affectionately called, "Greenies".  Quite original, eh?

About two weeks ago when it was still quite hot and sticky, we persevered and went to Long Key Nature Center.  I tried to capture this large Pondhawk dragonfly hovering in mid air.  

We have a Queen Palm in our back yard.  She is flowering beautifully and the wheat color of the flowers would be a beautiful wall paint shade I think.

These little Sparrows seems to be hanging about their "porch" looking out.

In mid October I went up to Lake Placid, FL to visit my mother.  On the way back, I took a detour from route 27 to 78 just before getting into Moore Haven.  I remembered that at that time of year there are a couple of fields full of Tickseed flower that are absolutely beautiful about 10 or 12 miles down the road toward Okeechobee.  I was not disappointed.  There were storm clouds in the distance.  I have always loved the summer clouds of Florida.  They are overpowering in a flat landscape and so dramatic.  The fields of Tickseed bloom in mid October every year and are in a protected area along one of the Fisheating Creek loops.  The road you turn down to see the flowers is Banana Grove Road and it is not paved.  Traveling north on 78, you make a left onto Banana Grove Road.  There is some growth on either side of the path, so you have to drive far enough down where you can see into the distance.  The golden field is breathtaking as you'll see below.

This is Tickseed.  Imagine fields filled with these yellow flowers.....

In the distance you can see the yellow filled land.



Right there.

So many bees and butterflies and other pollinators hovering over and among the cloud of sweet flowers.

Little brown face surrounded by brightness.

Some unidentified berries on a log.

And lastly, yesterday after we got home from our jaunt into the Everglades, there was a pretty iguana sunning himself in the Queen Palm.

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