Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saturday my husband and I decided to go away from civilization into the Everglades.  It's been so long since we've not had responsibilities and jobs that just couldn't wait.  Weekend after weekend came and went this fall and we made no escapes into nature. 

Finally, Saturday, we made it.  The weather was nothing special.  Not cold, which we prefer above all else, just average.  Some rain showers over the city and partially cloudy out over the Everglades.  It didn't matter;  being able to get free, especially after the news on Friday, was essential and healing.

We saw birds doing what they do every day while we are working;  they were flying gracefully through the air, or perched in the water looking for breakfast.  Their "clothes" were their everyday ones, but far more beautiful than the finest attire money can buy for humans.

Here are some pictures we took, just enjoying being away from the human race and it's creations:

Above was the average scene.  No people - that was the charm.

Below - a Dainty Sulfur butterfly.  Beautiful, but very tiny.

A hawk looking for breakfast.  They don't spook like most birds do when you point your camera at them......

A water bird that is not all that common - a Limpkin.

A Great Blue Heron:

This tiny little purple butterfly is called a Ceraunus Blue.

The Ceraunus Blue - gives you an idea of it's size.

The Ceraunus Blue's outer wings.

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It is all so beautiful!

Here (not far from Chicago), we are still seeing squirrels taking advantage of unusually warm weather.

There are a few birds here and there.

Otherwise nature has gone to sleep.