Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update From Florida

Well, Mr. Gray Catbird has moved on to his/her breeding grounds, and, withing a few days, so have the Painted Buntings.  I heard the Painteds singing 2 days ago, and then, they were gone - I know because I hear no song and they do not come to the feeders - all 4 of them have gone to their home breeding grounds.  

I'm not sad, although you'd think I would be.  Last week I found a stray cat in our back yard, having killed and eaten one of the racing lizards that lives there.  The cat finished all but the back torso, tail and hind leg because I scared him and used the hose to get him out of the yard.  I worried about my little bird "guests", but they have had the sense to move on.  Last year, they left during the first week of May, but this year, it is just a week earlier that they decided to "hit the road".  

I'm free now to trim bushes back, try to control the Morning Glory once more (it is an illusion - I never control the Morning Glory, but it lets me think so for brief periods of time).  We are having new windows put in our early 1970's Florida house, and I look forward to the energy savings they will bring.  With the advent of new windows comes the necessity to trim back the wildness of the bougainvillea and Cape Honeysuckle that grow right up to the house and would cover it, if allowed.  I will hack them all back, prune them if you will - like the grape vines in the Gospel of John.  But our rainy season is almost upon us and what I prune this coming week will be wild and crazy once more come October, when my "bed and breakfast for birds" opens up again for those who are migrating and seeking a place to stay. 

My husband and I had a scare last Thursday night.   He lets so much of the insanity of this world get to him, having been brought up by parents who could not, themselves, deal with the world at all.  He had a few minutes where he had difficulty talking, and, although he has had speech difficulties with certain words all his life, this was different.  Off to the emergency room we went.  He had several tests that came back fine.  He does not take care of himself physically as he should, thinking that he will last forever.  That will change now.  More fish and chicken and lots less "treats" and things we shouldn't eat are on the menu.  Low carb, no caffeine - that's the start.  We both need it.  Thank the Lord, all is well and all tests have come back normal.  He may have an MRI, the final test to rule out a mini stroke, next week, if his regular physician thinks it is necessary.  

One day at a time is all we ever receive, and if we think we get more, we are foolish.  Sufficient to the day is the evil - and the wonderfulness - thereof.  Just live today, plan for tomorrow if you must, but know that it is never guaranteed.  Knowing that my Lord is in charge is a great comfort, almost an adventure, to see what He will work out next. 

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