Saturday, January 9, 2010

Please Pray for Wildlife in South Florida

It is going to be one of the coldest weekends on record for South Florida.  Ever.  Snow and sleet is forecast for north and central Florida.  The overnight temps here will dip to freezing or below.  While often before it gets so cold at night the sun is out warming up during the day - so at least animals and birds and critters can soak up a little warmth and get some food to fortify them through the cold it is very dreary and rainy.  It is to get no warmer that the high 40's today and it is raining as I write.  There will be no chance for creatures to warm up during the day to face the onslaught of Big Cold tonight.

My butterfly flowers and plants - my backyard is full of them - are in danger, too.  I hope it stops raining later so that I can throw sheets and blankets over as much of the plants as I can.  I don't think it would work very well if they are soaking wet.

This is today's satellite photo as of this morning.

 See that sharp line?  Above that is freezing cold - you could cut yourself on that line it is so severe.  There is no uncertain, hazy look to those clouds.

Now for the radar this morning:

Aha!  See the pink at the top of the green blob?  That is mixed precipitation - sleet, freezing rain.  There is a small blue line above the pink one - that is snow on the Florida/Georgia border.  All of that fine mess is headed south toward my poor, already-been-cold-several-nights butterfly garden......

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Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

My best friend just moved from middle Tennessee to southern Florida. She thought she was escaping the cold weather. I think it followed her!

Stay safe and warm!