Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All

It's Wednesday morning and I'm getting ready for work.  Once I leave work today, it's a 4 day weekend.....YAY!!

What really cheers me up is the fact that we are getting TONS of rain.  We've not had any rain for weeks and my husband and I just re-sodded our front yard (because we had to).  We've been watering and watering and our water bill looks like our electric bill.  Yikes!!

So - it's a gray, watery day - being from the Northeast it's a day I love.  I can feel cozy inside and light candles (after work, of course).  Florida's relentless sunshine in the winter sometimes becomes....tiresome.  I know there are people in the colder climes who will want to clock me right in the jaw, but it's true.  There are times I long for a cloudy, rainy day to just be inside.   Sunny days tell me I have to get outside and do yard work, and perhaps run errands - and there is so much to do.  Rainy days tell me to sleep later, read a book, light a candle, listen to the rain on the roof.

My front yard will love it - and it will save us some money.  My flowers and butterfly garden will be renewed.  No matter how much I water my garden, it seems to do much better when the water comes from the sky - maybe it's the chlorine and fluoride in our water, I don't know - but what comes from the sky restores the bright flower colors and the green grass.

I'm thankful for:
my salvation
my Lord Jesus Christ
the rain
that I still have a job!!!!
that my husband still has a job!!
my home
my garden
more than enough to eat
living in America

To everyone - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Aunty Belle said...

Suze, I love this--I like rainy days too--and we so needed some rain heah in middle Floridy.

AN' ya have a grateful heart--blessin's on you an' yores!

Susan Humeston said...

I hope more rain is coming with the next cold front. Thank you for stopping by and blessings back to you and yours.

carla said...

I just saw your comment on Coffee, Tea, Books and me and wanted to visit your site.

Very nice.

I'm thankful for the same things.

And at the end of your comment on Brenda's blog, well...I could've written that myself. Since we're about the same age, I'm wondering - is your trouble with your grown children? For your sake, I hope it isn't. Mine is.

We're in north Texas and this morning we have a very unusual snow. Will probably be gone by noon. But I see it as a special gift from Jesus.

Susan Humeston said...

No, not with my daughter. In the past I could say that, but, at 25 years of age, she is finally getting a good head on her shoulders and taking responsibility for herself. It's my father and mother. Everyone's parents age and die, but I just can't seem to put it in perspective. Seeing my father so helpless and depressed and my mother struggling to take care of him so he doesn't have to go in a home. I can't explain it - but it's taking it's toll on me. They don't live close enough for me to help them regularly and I work full time, so I can't travel to see them as much as I'd like and they need. It's all just very very sad and I just can't shake the darkness of it.

Susan Humeston said...

Carla - I know what it's like to have pain where your children are concerned. It is hard to read someone's blog whose children are a great joy and whose children's lives are happy and fulfilled. My heart goes out to you - the holidays are all about family (well, not really - this one is about the birth of Jesus Christ) and when family is painful, the holiday itself is much more difficult.