Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Revolutions - Iran & Communication

I am finding it difficult to tear myself away from Twitter just to write this post. I am a 53 year old woman who signed up for a Twitter account, not knowing a thing about it, but curious to see what is happening in Iran.

I still don't quite get how it works, but on my "home" page in Twitter, I have a list of the trends and people I follow. Several of them are about Iran and the current - I think - revolution. By doing this, or something in Twitter - I'm not sure exactly what - I now have 29 followers and many, many of them are using my space to post about Iran. I'm metaphorically being swept up in the stream of what is happening.

I came across a Twitter comment that said to bring downa Basij web site, load a certain extension into Firefox, and then, go to the Basij web site - and click on "refresh". Evidently it keeps going to the web site until it overcomes the server that it is on. This morning in the past 20 minutes, I went to the web site, saw the pictures of protestors there that the Basij are trying to arrest, went again to the web site 5 minutes later and it was down. 10 minutes later it was back up. 5 minutes after that, it was down again.

It is no wonder people communicate with a sort of short hand on Twitter and texts. There is no time to write complete words and sentences. Real time is one thing when it's just your own real time, but when you are plugged into the real time of hundreds of thousands of people - it is mind boggling.

I'm sure many have seen the video of Neda, who died on camera in a video posted on Youtube. There is now a Twitter trend named after her.

Well - gotta go back to Twitter - and I'm so thankful I'm here and not in Tehran.

Here is a video that is being RT'd (re-twitter'd) all over the place.

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