Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 20 Favorites

This is a link that I encounted on this web site, on this post. SO.....I went to the original link that was recommended - and here is where I went. Please join in if you feel so inclined.

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color - lavender and spring green together
2. Dessert - thick, rich, plain cheesecake
3. Smell - fresh cut grass, orange blossoms, lilacs
4. Flower - Lilac, Hydrangea
5. Animal - Most noble - horse, most beautiful - wolf, best cuddly pet - my cats, funniest pet - parrot
6. Month - October
7. Beverage - Grapefruit Juice mixed with plain seltzer water
8. Pair of shoes - no shoes is my favorite
9. Snack - Poppycock popcorn and nut mix
10. Song - Can't possibly narrow it down to one song, or even one genre. I love Handel, Latin music, Indian music, folk music, popular music from the 1800's to the present.
11. Book - Bible
12. Fruit - fresh picked raspberries
13. Hairstyle - long, curly waist-length hair, thick, non-gray, preferable dark. I don't have any of this list, so oh well.
14. Piece of clothing - if I could find one - a peasant blouse. Jeans are my favorite clothes article
15. Store to clothes shop - thrifts and Goodwill followed by Walmart and Target
16. Season - Autumn
17. Hobby - butterfly gardening, birdwatching
18. Thing to collect - Grace Livingston Hill original hardcovers
19. Movie - Gladiator, 300
20. Restaurant - Longhorn's for dinner, Panera for special stuff, local deli for Breakfast

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