Monday, March 23, 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties Throughout the Country

Here is a link that I hope many people will find useful:

Choose your state and find a tax day tea party near you in order to participate. There is one here in Ft. Lauderdale that I will attend:

City: Ft. Lauderdale
When: April 15, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Federal Building, 299 East Broward Boulevard
Contact: EMAIL
Phone: 954.547.1489
Other Info:Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

I have been reassured that the pendulum is just swinging pretty far to the left, but that it will surely swing back to the right center again. I'm not sure that any politician is the answer right now, whether Republican or Democrat, and I'm not sure the pendulum will be allowed to swing back by those presently in power.

Worst case scenario? President Obama is a front for the communist revamping of America, and behind him are all those who molded him and made his path through to the top echelons of politics possible.

Best case scenario? President Obama only lasts one term and can't do enough damage in one term that can't be undone by subsequent leadership.

In the meantime, we all still have freedom of speech to an extent (as long as we aren't politically incorrect), and I want to exercise mine on April 15.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! My sister, a social (political) activist!