Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Snowman

Every year at Christmas I watch the Raymond Brigg's film, "The Snowman". It is a breathtaking animation thst reminds me so strongly of what it is REALLY like when it snows. I've lived in South Florida since I was 24 years old - and I'm 51 now, so you do the math.......I've been in snow just a few times during those years, but nothing like the charm and wonder of my schooldays in upstate New York winters. At the beginning, when the man is remembering the biggest snowfall of his youth, he uses the words, "I awoke to a room filled with light and silence". That is what I remember best - waking at night and see the strange light sky, not caused by streetlights and city lights, but by the white clouds and white snow. I remember the exciting thought that perhaps the next morning would be a snow day and the whole family (my parents were both teachers) could snuggle under the covers instead of braving the elements and the cold. I went to YouTube and found the film, so you can enjoy it too. The music of the young boy's choir is amongst the most haunting and beautiful I've ever heard and adds to the magic.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love The Snowman. I just realized that we didn't watch it this year. Do you think it's too late now? lol


Susan Humeston said...

It's never too late - it's a great winder animation. Since I've lived in Florida for so many years, this animation reminds me of what a snowy night looked like from childhood memories.