Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Inconsistent Me

I know I haven't written here regularly as I should. And a very thoughtful and caring lady has asked how my father is doing. She has her own blog+, which I have visited, but have not commented on in a long while. I go through periods where I post on my blog more often - and then I go through periods where I neglect it. I really dislike that I am so inconsistent and not more disciplined.

Anyway, my father is doing much better than he was. Perhaps the 24 hour care, the regimented food, that he really does like - I don't know. He is cognizant and able to converse, which, a month ago, he could not do at all. He just sat and would look at you momentarily if you spoke to him and then he'd gaze off and eventually fall asleep. I went up to visit 2 Saturdays ago and my mother and I rolled him out into the courtyard in his wheelchair. He doesn't have foot plates, so he must lift his feet up whenever he wants to move. He has no problem doing this, so his strength has improved. He isn't too talkative, but he comprehends and speaks in sentences, although a bit hesitating now and then, searching for a word. He said he was shocked at how he had "acted" previously - that just wasn't him. He made it sound like he had a choice, when he really hadn't had one. He was just sick, I guess - and now he is much better. He is doing so much better, in fact, they want to send him back home on November 30. He is thrilled about that, but I wonder what arrangements will be made for his care. I think the reason he was in the home to begin with is my mother couldn't care for him as he needed, and some health issue that needed to be addressed wasn't at home - so he became almost catatonic. Now, after a month in the home, he is almost back to his old self.

My mother, according to my sister (she didn't speak to me about this, but to my sister), went to confession (she is Catholic) and told the priest about many things. They had a good, long talk. She evidently came away from her talk with him deciding to "give it all to the Lord". So she is just taking one day at a time with this whole thing - and after all, that's how life is doled out anyway. I've tried to ask her a few times what might happen when dad comes back home, but she says she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it, and she also has confidence that there will be some sort of meeting between herself and the doctors to discuss his care before he is released. She is right - she has had one of these meetings already, so of course, they will not release him without direction to her.

In any case, Cathy S. - thank you so much for your solicitous question about my father.


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Glad you still have more time with him to communicate how much you love and care for him. Your mom is right, God will take care of him and her. And the fact that He is on her side, seems to have given her more courage to take a stand as well.

Anonymous said...

PS Investigate meals on wheels. Then, you will know they are getting at least one good meal a day. Also, see my blog for today. I hope you don't mind, I wrote about you. Love, Cathy

Susan Humeston said...

Of course I don't mind!! I'm honored. And you're right. It IS in God's hands. It is fascinating in a strange sort of way to watch my father's whole "end of life" unfold, even if it takes years, months or days.

Angie B. said...

I saw you have Dave Ramsey's book. I am impressed with Dave Ramsey. He's systematic, consistent, and fun. Have you heard his radio program?

RYC: I collect some older kids' books, too. Just random ones I see at flea markets and garage sales. The ones that really appeal to me are ones I had when I was little. I have some little "Elf" books that I plan to frame and hang in the girls' room someday.